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My Grandfather once told me how the original "La Mano Nera" members would roll in their graves if they knew what I had done to the family......

So I sent him to tell them personally.

Boy I guess we really caused a stink back in the good old days, I like to keep these clippings around, mostly for humor.

The world is a different place now. You cant just go running around town firebombing, drawing attention to yourself like that anymore. Besides, its far more lucrative being behind the scenes pulling the strings silently.
Sure, there's still the occasional bomb, the occasional letter left at the scene. Adds to the mystique. A lot of people in the neighborhood still believe the old stories. Stories of magic, and casting "the evil eye". Heh, if the only knew the truth of it.

 Fantasy has become reality my friend.

The black hand is a new cabal forming for the upcoming release of MMO "The Secret World". We will be part of the Illuminati.

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